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Braga, Portugal [2008]
Carlos's Wedding, Spain [2008]
Chick Corea's Concert, Madrid, Spain [2008]
Galletano, Gonzalo's Son, Spain [2008]
Rocket Festival, Granada, Spain [2008]
Emilio Jr. [2008]
Blanca [2008]
Jose ,Gabriel & Me, Natal, Brazil [2008]
Aline, Natal, Brazil [2008]
Serhs Natal Grand Hotel, Natal, Brazil [2008]
Astorga's palace, Spain [2007]
Ferrol, Spain [2007]
My ex-girlfriend (2 Times), Vanessa [2007]
Montealegre's property, Toledo , Spain [2007]
My car, Volvo C30 [2007]
Cordoba, Spain [2007]
Tate Modern, London [2007]
Meeting and Live Demo, Barcelona, Spain [2007]
Tower of London, London [2007]
My dream, London [2007]
My friend Maria and me in St. James Park, London [2007]
Cuenca, Spain [2006]
Tavira, Portugal [2006]
Sevilla, Spain [2006] Sevilla, Spain [2006]
Madrid, Spain [2006]
Aprilia Custom Compay [2006]
Jump in parachute, Spain [2006]
Port Aine, Spain [2006] Port Aine, Spain [2006]
Nautic IFEMA Event, Spain [2006]
Fercusa's Office [2006] Intermat 2006, Paris [2006]
David Carreta's concert, Madrid, Spain [2005]
Mapfre Re's Team [2003]
Calvo's family wedding, Spain [2003]
Groove parade, Zaragoza, Spain [2001]