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About Jab

My name is Juan Antonio Breña Moral, a young Spanish Industrial Organizational Engineer. Currently, I am looking for a new job related with Java and real-time systems with C. I have experience as team leader and project manager in IT projects. Anyway, I have trained my skills as developer. With the time, I have tested several platforms but I love Java.

If you are interested in my profile, contact with me to have a job interview and get my latest CV.
Contact form
bren [at] juanantonio [dot] info

Recently, I had to close his own company because we had some financial problems. Esmeta was a young firm focused in Digital Marketing solutions and Web Applications. In 2011 we began to develop Internet Mobile projects with Android. In last period, we had real impact in local economy and RTVE invited us to appear in a interview about Small business with success.


I have researched Robotics since 2003 when I bought my first RCX Kit. Currently I am researching my PhD about Robotics. In my spare time I collaborate in some Open Source projects as ROSJava and LeJOS, a JVM for Lego Mindstorms NXT.

Since 2008, I have organized courses about Robotics for teenagers. My students has participated in several challenges as FLL or Robocup Junior or Moonbots. In my classes, I teach Linux, Java, Lego Mindstorms NXT, Shell Scripts, Eclipse, SVN and others technologies.

Further information about my classes here: http://www.roboticaenlaescuela.es/


Every week, I try to practice some sports because I consider that sports improve my health and reduce stress. I play soccer every thursday and I usually participate in popular races, cross and half-maraton with my friends.

Further information about my races here: Read my posts about my races


I love several music styles as Jazz, Opera, Opera and Classic music. To dance I prefer electronic music as Techno and Soulful. In the past I played music as Deejay in some House Clubs.