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Official University Master
Statistics Methods, PhD

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Currently, I am researching in Robotics/Artificial Intelligence. This year, I am trying to finish a Master at URJC to continue with my PhD. I have to pass 3 subjects only this year.

In the Master, I am learning many stuff which I use in my classes about robotics for teenagers.

In my spare time, I research with ROS and LeJOS project. In robotics, I started creating robots with LeJOS, a open source project created to develop a JVM for the educative platform Lego Mindstorms NXT. With the time, I created a ebook about the project. In 2010 I collaborated with a educative company located in Taiwan to launch a new book about LeJOS for Chinesse market. Currently I am researching with ROS to integrate ROS with LeJOS using rosjava.

In the past, I begun another PhD about Statistics but I had to leave it because I didn't have time with the job when I lived in Cuenca.