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Mindsensors NXTServo support for Java leJOS project

leJOS Project supports the new RC Servo Controller from Mindsensors, NXTServo.

NXTServo is a easy Servo Controller for NXT Brick. This Servo Controller allows to control until 8 RC Servos in parallel. I like so much a feature to read the battery status.


  • Price
  • Battery Status

Mindsensors has created a nice product for NXT Community.

I have created some examples with leJOS to control this device for NXT brick.

Example1: NXTServo and 1 RC Servo


Example2: NXTServo and 2 RC Servos


Example3: NXTServo and 2 RC Servos with random movements


Example4: NXTServo and 6 RC Servos


I have created a Gallery in Picassa