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Lego Racers for a Java leJOS RC Car Project
Project paper: How to drive a RC Car with Java leJOS
RC Controller a RC Car's controller using Java leJOS
RC Controller2 a RC Car's controller using Java leJOS
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Java leJOS Project: RC Car managed by leJOS and Lattebox NXTe/LSC

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Last Update: 09/09/2008

This is my first serious project with leJOS, the development a software to manage a RC Car. This project has the following subprojects:

  • Communication Protocol
  • Design behaviors for Subsumption Architecture
  • Design a subsystem to manage Bluetooth Communications
  • Develop a user friendly RC Controller to be used by the user

This project is included in the eBook Develop leJOS programs Step by Step which you can download here

Basically, this project tries to manage any RC Car which you can purchase in your city using a NXT brick and a Lattebox NXTe. NXTe allowed me to control RC Servos and DC Motors easily. Currently I can go forward and backward. leJOS project has worked so hard to improve garbaje collector, to manage with NXT's CPU complex Java Programs.

Currently I am working in the following tasks:

  1. Integrate GPS Subsystem
  2. Integrate Google Earth Support
  3. Improve autonomous subsystem
  4. Develop GPS Navigation
  5. Research Kalman Filter to make sensor fusion

Many thanks to Takashi Chikamasa because he debugged Lattebox I2C Calls and Yu Sog because he design and develop the product Lattebox NXTe Kit and finally my leJOS friends: Brian Bagnall, Lawrie Griffiths and Andy Gloomy which helped me to learn I2C protocol.


I have tested the new Steering system controlled by RC Controller 2.

Test bluetooth connections with long range distances

Testing a preliminar autonomous subsystem.

Testing preliminar autonomous system with new US Grid with 2 US Sensors. The structure crashed by the vibrations.

Photos I have a gallery in Google Picassa with details about the project. I hope that you like it.