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RC Servos and DC Motors managed by Lattebox NXTe and leJOS

In 2008, Lattebox a hi-tech company located in Taiwan, launch a new kind of NXT device, NXTe. NXTe allows controlling RC servos and DC Motors easily.

NXT brick has 4 sensor port inputs to control NXT sensors as Ultrasonic Sensors, Compass Sensors, NXTCam, etc. With NXTe NXT Brick allow to reach new goals.

If you connect Lattebox NXTe in any free input sensor port, you could manage until 10 RC Servos with your NXT brick with an unique NXTe kit.

Besides in any port in a LSC you can manage a DC Motor with leJOS

Last update: 2008/08/02
Takashi showed your work with Lattebox biped on Automotive Technology International 2008


NXTe can be used to manage bipeds with leJOS


Further information about RC Servos with leJOS, read this article

If you want to know more about NXTe, read my latest article, RC servos with leJOS

leJOS managing a DC Motor with Lattebox NXTe

If you like to manage a DC Motor:

If you want to download source code: Download