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Ebook: Develop leJOS programs step by step

Many developers around the world choose leJOS, Java for Lego Mindstorm, as the main platform to develop robots with NXT Lego Mindstorm. I consider that this eBook will help leJOS community, Lego Mindstorm community, Robot's developers and Java fans to develop better software.

Robotics will be very important for the humanity in the next 10 years and this eBook is an effort to help in this way. Many people spend several hours in their robotics projects with problems with wires & electronics, protocols and problems with programming languages, Lego Mindstorm is easy and Java/leJOS is an excellent platform to demonstrate your software engineering skills to develop better robots. NXT Brick is the easiest way to enter in the robotics world and leJOS the best platform in the moment to use software engineering ideas.

Enjoy, Learn, Contact with me to improve the eBook and share your ideas.

Information about the ebok

  • Last compilation: 23/06/2008
  • Pages: 133 pages
  • Last update: I have added a leJOS project: RC Car managed by leJOS with Lattebox NXTe


You can download the ebook here: Download


  1. LeJOS project
  2. NXJ
    • Introduction
    • Configure your computer
    • Configure your environment to develop
    • NXJ Packages
    • Basic concepts
    • Advanced concepts
    • Robotic researches
    • Software Engineering
    • NXJ Robots
      • RC Car
    • Advanced Sensors
      • NXTCam Sensor
        • NXTCam Driver Installation
        • NXTCam View Installation
        • NXTCam training with NXTCamView
        • NXTCam NXJ API
        • NXTCam I2C API
      • Lattebox NXTe, RC Servos with Java
        • Architecture
        • LeJOS and NXTe
        • An example using NXTe

Others things

I am writing the ebook in my spare time, if you have any question, please feel free to contact with me. I will try to help you. Contact

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