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Ebooks, Articles & Others documents

The eBook that I am writing:

Develop leJOS programs Step by Step

Papers for conferences:

Doubts using Coordinates objects  
Dorkbot #35 LeJOS Project  New ESP
DRT4ALL 2009: Educational robotics courses  New ESP

Educational Resources:

My work in UAE about Object Recognition  New
Seminario de leJOS en la URJC  New ESP
Presentación de curso de NXT-G para cuarto de la ESO  New ESP
Robótica para el curso tercero de la ESO  New ESP
Robótica para el curso cuarto de la ESO  New ESP
Prueba del Laberinto para Madrid Bot 2009  New ESP
Prueba del Rastreador para Madrid Bot 2009  New ESP
Prueba del Sumo para Madrid Bot 2009  New ESP

The articles that I have written are:

Java ME for leJOS  New

Multithreading with Java leJOS  New
Develop Software for robots with Java leJOS (Java for Lego Mindstorms)  New
Using I2C with Java leJOS  New
Event-driven programming with Java leJOS
How to use Bluetooth with leJOS with your robots
Driving a RC Car with Java leJOS  Last Update: 2008/08/25
Asus Eee PC, Ubuntu & Java
RC Servos with leJOS
Using Using Eclipse to Develop NXJ, leJOS for Lego Mindstorm
Using Tortoise SVN to collaborate in leJOS project
How to install leJOS statemachine development tookit Firmware
How to reinstall Lego Firmware in your NXT Brick

Beyond Google Analytics

How to Configurate Icommand in Windows Platform.
Rclass 1.0; How to integrate PHP with R

Web Stats to improve the efficiency in IBEX 35 Stock Market [SP]

Diferences Between .NET vs ASP 3.0 [SP]
Information Structures [SP]