Welcome to the personal website of Juan Antonio Breña Moral. This website could be useful for you if you try to learn some stuff about Web, Robotics or Statistics. If you surf inside and you have some problem or doubt, try to contact with me.


I develop my career as Project engineer in corporations and mid-size companies operating in Energy, Telecom, Banking, Defense & Internet markets. I consider myself as multi-role professional.

  • Project manager
  • Software engineer
  • Web developer



I love researching. My main research lines are in Web, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. I work in the following projects:

  • Montecarlo localization
  • HTML5
  • Hibrid robots
  • Data Visualization
  • R Stat engine

Research lines


I Love Neutrinos is an Annual STEM Course where students build robots meanwhile learn Science Stuff.



Sports is mandatory in my live. In the week, I receive many pressures and a perfect way to reduce it is practising sports. I love running large distances. It is special to cross the finish line.

  • Triathlon
  • 10k/42k races
  • Ultrarunning
  • Calesthenics / Crossfit

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